What Is A Congressional Facility Tour?

A congressional facility tour typically consists of a 1-2 hour visit with your Member of Congress and/or their staff at your company plant. It is an opportunity to meet with your Member of Congress and/or their staff, introduce them to your employees and your work, and explain why their support of the amphibious warship program is so critical to your community.

While the general structure and layout of the visit is up to you, typical format consists of a chance for the Member of Congress to meet with your company’s leadership team, a tour of the manufacturing facility, and time for the Member to address your employees. If you are interested in inviting local media, time at the end of the visit should be set aside for a company representative to take questions from the press.

Why Should I Host A Congressional Facility Tour?

Hosting a congressional facility tour is a great way for Member(s) of Congress to get to know you, your company and the work your company does to support a strong workforce and economy in your local area. Your Member of Congress will get the opportunity to meet your hardworking employees and hear directly from your workforce on the needs of your company. It is also a great step in establishing a new or nurturing an ongoing relationship with your Member(s) of Congress.

How Can AWIBC Help?

  • Scheduling: AWIBC can work with you and the district director/scheduler in the office of your Member of Congress to coordinate availability and timing for a tour. We’re happy to handle all of the logistical scheduling needs on your behalf.

  • Resources: AWIBC can provide resources to support your congressional facility tour, including up-to-date messaging on the amphib program and leave-behind materials from AWIBC Congressional forums.

  • Media: AWIBC can help invite local media to your tour. We’ll put together and issue a media advisory, press release, and social media posts on your behalf.

How Do I Sign Up?

AWIBC Members can log into our member portal and fill out the informational form on the Facility Tours page. ACIBC will follow up with next steps.

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