Brian Schires Statement on Senate Armed Services Committee Funding Authorization


May 27,2014

The Senate Armed Services Committee and the House Armed Services Committee have now both authorized incremental funding for the next San Antonio-class amphibious warship, LPD 28 in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015. (

“This is a great step in ensuring that we keep amphibious warship production lines active. We are very grateful for the actions of the Senate Seapower Subcommittee and the Senate Armed Services Committee last week,” stated Brian Schires of Rolls Royce-North America, Chair of the Amphibious Warship Industrial Base Coalition. “We now encourage the House and Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittees to provide their support to the U.S. Navy’s amphibious warship program by providing the funding for the construction of LPD 28.”

Funding for LPD 28 is vital for the health of the shipbuilding industrial base to ensure stability across the engineer, vessel labor and vendor bases. Huntington Ingalls will deliver the last two San Antonio-class amphibious warships, John P. Murtha (LPD 26) and Portland (LPD 27), to the U.S. Navy. To keep the production and supplier lines hot and to ensure the cost efficient production of LPD 28, Congress must provide incremental funding now. It will also serve as a bridge to the next generation of amphibious warships, the LX(R). General James Amos, commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, expressed support in December 2013 for the San Antonio-class amphibious warship, LPD 17-class warship, to be the platform of choice for LX(R).

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About U.S. Navy Amphibious Warships
U.S. Navy amphibious warships are unique and versatile combat vessels that are designed and built for survivability and deploy and support missions anywhere in the world, in any condition and on short notice. They hold, transport, and deploy all types of combat vehicles, helicopters, amphibious landing craft, and assault vehicles, as well as, the MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft and the soon-to-be-delivered F-35B Joint Strike Fighter.